Why Organic?

Why Should It Be Organic?

A popular discussion today. So let me just outline some key arguments and I leave it to you to kick-off some animated table talk with your friends.organic food

  • Organic food is much more tasteful!
  • It is healthier: It has more “prana”, more vitality. It contains more vitamins, minerals, enzymes and is much less polluted by synthetic substances. For sure, we do have acid rain everywhere, pesticides spread from neighbouring panels, but still it is a completely different exposure!
  • Buying organic food symbolizes our respect towards nature and following generations: Industrial farming depletes soils and pollutes the environment – in very serious ways!
  • It’s a powerful sign – we do have individual power as consumer and we should use it!

Eating organically does not need to be expensive. If you avoid refined food, if you go for local vegetables and for leguminous, if you reduce your animal protein consumption, then it should be easy to put together a fair value offer. So if your friends moan that: “it’s so much more expensive”, I really would love to know – compared to what? Because our current way of agriculture is not sustainable. Scientist recently came to agree that if we want to feed all the human population, then we better stick to “organic farming”. Industrial agriculture as it is currently conducted is short-term thinking only.