What’s wrong with our diet?

Our diet changed

I’ll try to keep it rather short but I think it is important to point out current dietary misbalances. Based on my experiences in organic food consulting, I can confirm that only few people realize the profound dietary changes we’ve been through during the last 50 years. They represent such a disruption of our habits that I feel it is rather difficult for our “old” human body to adapt.

Our daily menu changed significantly

  • The protein intake jumped up with an often daily consumption of meat and dairy products
  • Sugar is omnipresent: Our body’s digestive system is aligned for an average sugar consumption of 8 gram per day, meaning a teaspoon of sugar! If you sum-up all the sugar you have during a day you would be surprised– recent statistics show that French consume on average 60 kilos of sugar per year
  • We eat less dietary fibres – less vegetables, less raw food, less leguminous plants – which slows down transit
  • High quality oils are getting scarce in everyday menus


Food’s preparation changed

  • Food is “processed” (most often industrially): it is de-hydrated, grounded, rehydrated, cooked, re-cooked, fried….
  • Lots of synthetic “agents” are added: to conserve it, to colour it, to enhance its taste, to make it more appealing, to balance acidity….
  • The daily spend cooking time reduced significantly and notably the young generation relies more and more on pre-prepared food.
  • Another « new » alienator entered the chain: the microwave! It changes the molecules’ structure so that our body hardly recognizes the food prepared with a microwave.


Food’s production changed to become “denatured” industrial food

  • Vegetables come as “empty wraps” with low mineral and vitamin contents (eg. industrial agriculture, depleted soils). On the other hand they contain plenty of pesticides, hormonal waste matter and other “beauty enhancing substances”
  • Animals are raised afar from their natural conditions with protein feeding, use of synthetic drugs (eg antibiotics), hormones and little exercise


Our eating habits changed

  • We commonly overeat: recent statistics show that in general we eat 1/3 more than we should per day. And whereas we tend to have too many calories, we crucially lack essential, vital elements!
  • It’s much more “on the go”, “for take-away” or “snacking” and we tend to have at least on meal a day in front of our PC or TV
  • We are often stressed even while eating – in our jobs, family lives but also due to an around the clock animation program
  • A more spiritual component, eating in silence, thanking nature for its generosity is far from our habits


What are the consequences? Well, by now I guess you know the following by heart: our digestion is impaired and partially digested matters accumulate in our gastro-intestinal system. We have to cope with alien, sometimes toxic substances. Consequently, our body needs to boost elimination. But elimination itself is impaired too (sedentary lifestyle, stress, digestive overload…). Thus, our body stocks all the waste he cannot expel. First in the colon, later-on all over the body. And here we go, misbalances derive and create a favorable terrain for short term ill-being and long term diseases.