Upgrading Your Habits

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”

spiritual journey


“Wow, so many changes seem to be necessary, better leave it as it is…”

“I am not that sick to change my life all over!”

“My life won’t be any fun nor pleasure when I adopt all these new rules”



These are often the first reactions – from my honest patients that openly admit their sceptics when it comes to discussing their everyday life habits. But don’t you worry. I provided you with a thorough, detailed reference on health and alimentation, you do not need to stick to it right away nor every day! If your current way of live differs strongly, just go slowly about it. Our body is amazing: if you get the basics right, it can cope with some non-sense alimentation!

Introduce your changes one at the time, upgrading only your breakfast or your lunch. Go ahead and try to have some more raw food. Try to have a glass of warm water every morning…. Allow yourself to meditate, once a week, or to make some yoga. Sit down, rest and think about your priorities in life. Visit a health food store once in a while, if this is a “new” for you.

Eating proper food should provide you with new treat. There should be no restriction nor obligation. It’s nourishment not punishment! It’s your everyday investment into everyday vitality – to better enjoy life!

A fast can also be of great help in changing your habits of eating. Abstaining from eating for a given period of time, makes us realize many things about our daily diet – what we eat, how we eat and mostly why we eat… Following a fast, it’s often easier to “switch over” to new habits.

Whatever way you want to move forward, it’s a journey, an adventure – and lots of fun!