Golden Rules for Proper Digestion

How to ensure a proper digestion – my Golden Rules

Eating is much more than filling an empty stomach. It’s about pleasure, social life, sometimes even about negative emotions such as frustration… Many aspects come to our mind when we consider our daily eating. Looking at it from a “digestion” angle, there is only one thing we want to ensure:

“Everything we eat should get digested!”

How to allow for an optimal digestion? Well let’s have a look at what I refer to as my Golden Rules:

  • Rule 1: Serve your body appropriate daily menus!the “must haves” and the “don’t do’s” when it comes to what to eat and how to combine – check out the following chaptersgolden rules


  • Rule 2: Limit your servings to a “digestable” quantity: In Ayurveda this represents 2/3 of your cupped hands


  • Rule 3: Respect proper time lags between your meals: avoid eating unless you’ve digested your precedent meal (~2 hours)


  • Rule 4: Limit alien substances: eg. conserving agents, fried food, fast food, but also stress and negative emotions


  • Rule 5: Respect your digestive “clock-work”: In Ayurveda, digestive functions are best at noon and are rather weak in mornings and evenings


  • Rule 6: Keep your gastric juices highly concentrated: avoid drinking while eating


  • Rule 7: Start the digestion where it’s meant to start – in the mouth: chew, chew, chew


  • Rule 8: Less is more: Have some time off with mono-diet days or fasts