Organic food upgrade

Our daily diet is the cornerstone for health and vitality. Whether sick or in good shape, you need to take care of your daily diet. It’s the fuel you’re running on – today and all lifelong.

Our body is an alive organism – constantly regenerating it-self all-over. Every four years, each single one of your cells is completely replaced! For this huge regeneration work we need to provide our body with appropriate raw materials and ensure a proper functioning of key metabolisms.

Today, all the way we think about diet is pretty narrow-minded: It’s much about counting calories and defining ratios for proteins, carbs, sugar intake….Rather seldom about vitality we get with each meal. Providing us with vital, essential, living elements is the first and upmost function of eating. There are not only vitamins or minerals but also enzymes and living microorganisms.

Food upgrade or correction, the way I propose it, is twofold. It aims at helping you to increase the ratio of “good” food in your daily menu – raw food, fibres, vegetables, leguminous, whole grain cereals – as well as to allow for an optimal digestion of nutrients – avoiding gastro-intestinal system overload and waste creation or accumulation.

In addition to food upgrade, I propose food supplements, colon hydrotherapy and other life style changes, in order to help my patients improving their body’s detoxification and expelling functions, ridding off old accumulated waste and toxins.

In what follows, I will provide you with all the basics on nutrition: I will explain to you what to eat, how to combine different aliments, why to opt for organic food and how to upgrade your own habits of eating.

For those in a hurry, please jump directly to my lunch guide – a short overview of key principles.