EURO VEDA Healing – Our Vision

“Healthy Food and Good Health for Everybody”


“Why should we care and put so much effort into obtaining balance? We are all going to die one day, right? So let’s have fun!”

This is a commonly heard argument, but we believe those people go about it the wrong way. Because it is not about living to be 100 years old, but rather about improving your everyday life, vitality and happiness.

Today, many people tend to think that aging is synonymous with suffering – suffering from reduced mobility and pain. This is not true! It is not normal to suffer from anything even though this seems to be a common norm in our society! You can get older and keep the same level of fitness! This is what you should aim for!

A healthy body is a prerequisite for spiritual work. And from our understanding, spiritual self-experience is what life is all about. This is a basic philosophy and reflects the different angles of my consultations:

  • Terrain identification: Our basis is our genetic, cultural embossed, individual health “terrain”. You need to know your terrain in order to adapt your life style to it.


  • Organic food upgrade: Our diet is the cornerstone of our day to day vitality and energy – not only for our body, but also for our mind, our positive attitude. Much knowledge about correct diet has been lost over the years and it takes some time to re-appropriate the necessary basics.


  • Detoxification and cleansing programs: There are ad-hoc programs, cures and regular cleansing programs. We would also add lifestyle changes and relaxation exercises. All these are important to help your body to rebalance as well as to keep balanced. Depending on your state of health and individual preferences, different cleansing programs will be most relevant.


  • Long-term elimination of addictions and mental anguish: A tricky one. Alcohol, tobacco, but also coffee, sweets or overeating are often a response to frustration that we want to keep under control, to bear down. However, learning how to accept frustration and really let go, is an important exercise: Frustration channels the necessary energy for transformation. It helps in overcoming situations that do not correspond us. And it is a good indicator for “self-inflicted” mental suffering that needs to correct –everyone is much too familiar with the voice in our head that whispers negative, destructive thoughts…This is of course a very personal topic, but there are different means to support you e.g., food supplements, literature, yoga classes….


  • Meditation & spiritual work: Here we are at the highest level of it all! Spiritual self-realization is one of the most profound experiences! And this is much easier to reach when one is of sound and healthy body. Because they are closely linked, your body, emotions, mind and soul! Getting onto the spiritual road will help you increase your personal balance! This one, is clearly for you to work on!

My Vision