My Bio in short

My studies in Europe

  • Born in Quetta (at that time part of Indian Sub-Continent), I came to Europe in the 70s after having studied biology back home. I settled in Germany, where I obtained German nationality.Bio
  • I choose to study medicine and surgery at the Faculty of Medicine University of Bologna, Italy – the first and oldest established university in EuropeBio 3
  • I elaborated my thesis in Pathology under the guidance of Prof. Dr. K. Lennert (Nobel prize winner), Head of the Department at the Christian-Albrecht Klinikum (Institut für Pathologie), University of Kiel, Germany – a twin of the university of Bologna
  • In the early 80s, I successfully obtained my Doctorate in Medicine and Surgery (Bologna University, Italy) as well as a Degree in view of the practice (State Exam)Bio 4


My first experiences as a “traditional “practitioner

  • After gaining hospital experience in Bologna and Kiel, I choose to register with the Medical Council of the province Schleswig-Holstein in Germany. With the “German Approbation” I worked in the cardio department of the university hospital in Kiel, Germany, in the department specialized for pacemaker


My “move” to Holistic Alternative Medicine

  • While still in Kiel, I myself had serious health problems and experienced great difficulties in curing my problems, notably with the traditional medical approach. It was then that I met Dr Eiert MD, a German Heilpraktiker and I was impressed with his approach to healing. It will always be with great respect that I remind Dr Eiert MD, who taught me all the basics of European natural medicine
  • In the late 80s, I moved to France and decided to gain first-hand experiences as “traditional” practitioner in order to get a good understanding of the French health system. I worked on an Assistantship with the Regional and University Hospital Centre of Nancy (CHU)Bio in the following departments:
    • Department of tropical and infectious diseases
    • Neuro-respiratory intensive care unit
    • Paediatrics units
    • Nephrology unit
    • Hepato-gastro-enterology unit
    • Lungs and Respiratory diseases unit
  • I then registered with the General Medical Council of Paris, and opened my Private Practice with a true focus on Holistic Alternative Medicine


My experiences as of today

I currently hold the following professional certifications

  • Certificate for Orthomolecular medicine since 1990
  • Certificate for Ayurveda since 1990
  • Certificate for Colon hydrotherapy since March 1998
  • Certificate of Nutriprevention-nutritherapy since July 2000: a  certificate from Prof. Dr. Michel Massol pursuant to 8 years of continued collaboration at the University of Toulouse
  • Certificate in “Dark Field Microscopy” (Live blood analysis) at the Regent College of London since 2002
  • Active member of Dr Kousmine’s (Swiss) Medical Association for alternative medicine since 1998 till today

I also gained practical experience in the UK, notably at the well-known Hale Clinic. In addition, I am on the German and Pakistan  Embassy recommended doctor list

  • Registration on the General Medical Council of London in 2002
  • Consultant and up to date practitioner as a Professor in the field of colonic hydrotherapy at the Hale Clinic – London (2002 – 2005)
  • Consulted at the Lubiju Clinic in Edinburgh
  • Recommended doctor by the Pakistan Embassy in Paris, France (since 1988)
  • Recommended doctor by the German Embassy in Paris, France (since 1989)

Publications and other references

  • My book on Ayurveda published in 2005: “Les secrets de longévité de l’Inde expliués aux Européens”
  • Interview on RFI (Radio France International)
  • Interview Radio Deutsche Welle International (German International radio)
  • TV interview Sky Channel, 2004
  • Interview Red Magazine UK, 2003
  • Article in Sunday Times UK , 2005
  • Recurrent publication of articles in French holistic Alternative Medicine press

Last not least, my patients are always happy when I welcome them in their native language, as I am fluent speaker of nine languages

  • European languages: English, German, Italian and French
  • Oriental languages: Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, Persian and Pashto