Dr Mirza’s “EURO VEDA Healing”

My dear reader!

 Welcome to EURO VEDA Healing. With this homepage, my objective is to give you a comprehensive view of the experience that I have gathered through-out my entire career as a practitioner, first as Cardiologist Medical Doctor in traditional medicine but long since “converted” to the “Holistic Alternative Medicine” approach.

foto homepage edited 2016.02.13The Holistic Alternative Medicine approach seeks to strengthen your health “terrain”: your state of health, your immune defenses and your overall body, mind and soul balance. This is achieved by promoting you own body’s natural healing abilities through proper diet, targeted food supplements, hygiene and cleansing procedures and lifestyle adjustments.

The following chapters will provide you with some insights on how to achieve optimal well-being and health. This knowledge was crucial for me in dealing with my own health issues I experienced in the past. Now, I want you to benefit from my accumulated knowledge of modern medical techniques and ancestral secular practices.ginko

Before inviting you to pursue your reading, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Tina Wetjen for her professional guidance and support in the realization of the EURO VEDA Healing project. Her enthusiasm coupled with a deep, extensive knowledge of nutrition and alternative treatment methods made it a pleasure to work with her in creating what we hope you find to be an informative and insightful journey into the world of Holistic Alternative Medicine.

Yours sincerely,

Dr Anwar Mirza MD


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