Natural Anti-Stress

“Natural Anti-Stress” with Rhodiola Rosea


  • Description:
    • Rhodiola is a flowering herb growing in dry, sandy ground at high altitudes in very cold areas of Europe and Asia. Rhodiola has been used for over 3.000 years by the Inuits, Vikings and in Siberia where it has been nicknamed “Golden root”.
  • Potential virtues: 
    • Rhodiola’s roots contain numerous antioxidants, tannins, flavonoids as well as rosavins, an active compound said to be effective against depression or anxiety. Rhodiola acts as an adaptogen—an agent that strengthens the body’s response to physical, mental, and emotional stressors. Thus it is of great benefit to improve the nervous system’s health and to boost the body’s physical endurance. Furthermore, Rhodiola has cardio protective and hepatoprotective properties, and can be used to regulate type II diabetes as well as hypertension.


  • I typically prescribe Rhodiola as natural solution for overcoming many stress-related complaints
      • To better deal with stressful situations or business-life related tensions
      • To stimulate nervous system, decreasing depression and nervous fatigue
      • To increase good memory
      • To protect cardiovascular functions
      • To protect against radiation (sun, cell phone, wifi…)
      • To protect liver and kidney functions
      • To increase fertility in women and men
      • To prevent from high altitude sickness
      • To improve good muscles functions and athletes’ performance


  • Recommended basic treatment
    • Take 1 capsule a day with a large glass of water before meals, preferably in the morning
    • Please note, that known undesirable side effects can be over-excitation and agitation, so avoid taking Rhodiola before bedtime or in combination with other stimulating substances