Colon Health & Hydrotherapy: An introduction

Colonic hygiene aims at maintaining a healthy colon or, if need may be, restoring it.

As already described, the colon forms together with skin, kidneys and lungs our emunctory system responsible for evacuating waste and toxic matters. If through a slowed down digestion, the colon’s eliminating functions are disturbed, harmful substances remain within the colon. These substances irritate the colon’s walls, disturb the colon’s micro flora and impair our digestion. It comes to an accumulation of toxic waste matter that can partially enter our body through blood and lymph systems. In order to “neutralize” these toxins, our body “stores” them somewhere within our tissues and /or organs where they cause harm in the long run. Hence, a disrupted digestion directly affects our immune system. Nowadays, several practitioner and scientists claim minor discomforts as well as acute or chronic diseases to be directly caused by a congested colon.


Unfortunately, as a direct consequence of our modern lifestyle our colon’s functioning easily gets disrupted. We often have too much food, low quality food, bad food combinations, a sedentary lifestyle, high stress coupled with little exercise… well the list is long explaining that nowadays our digestive systems have a hard job to do.

 In this context, Colon Hydrotherapy, as you will see, offers a very efficient approach to support your colon, hence your health. It has been used since many thousand years and consists of several gentle infusions of warm, purified water into the colon combined with a mild massage of your abdomen. Colon Hydrotherapy eliminates mucus, stored waste matter and toxins from your colon. It notably releases old harmful fecal matters sticking to the colon’s walls. It stimulates regular bowel movements, thus preventing us from new waste accumulation. Cleaned up, the colon’s micro flora can regenerate.

For many of my patients, it actually tends to be much easier to integrate some colonic sessions in order to restore and maintain good health, rather than turning their lifestyle inside out.


Let’s have a closer look…