Female, aged 23. Strong overweight and slight depression that’s why the woman consulted me.

  • First consultation:
    • The strong overweight strongly affects the woman’s well-being, both physically and psychologically. She feels very bad about her weight and appearance and is socially rather isolated.
    • Pulse diagnosis: irregular pulse, high blood pressure.
    • Nails are solid, thin fatty hair, skin tends to impurities and acne in the face.
    • Nutrition & digestion: very unbalanced nutrition, very irregular eating

My impression is that the woman needs important psychological support as well as a very quick improvement of first symptoms in order to gather energy and self-confidence needed to change her life style all over

    • Food correction: We reviewed her diet and I advised her to include some vegetables and fruits, to avoid different proteins and wheat. We took special care to review combinations and agreed to progressively reduce the caloric intake.
    • Food supplements: We decided a 3 month detoxification cure. I prescribed linseed oil, black seed and nigella to strengthen the immune system and Saint John’s wort extract to help against the depressive mood
    • Detox Program: We agreed to kick-off a treatment with 3 sessions of Colon Hydrotherapy in one week and then to continue with one session every 10 days. This dynamic treatment had the objective to quickly eliminate fecal waste material and help the intestinal micro flora to restore progressively. Due to strong overweight, the colon gets very big and heavy with notches and cavities for fecal waste matter to remain stuck there for ages.


Follow-up: +3 months:

  • The woman followed all advices and slowly gained in confidence.
  • The Colon Hydrotherapy helped her a lot and during the first sessions the quantity of waste matter eliminated was impressive. She immediately felt more slim and better in her body. Her quality of sleep improved and she managed to go for some light exercise regularly.
  • However, changing her alimentation proved to be much about a forth and back road. Important setbacks undermined her overall motivation and left her grieved.
  • I insisted on the fact that profound changes in life never come easy, for nobody. Getting rid of negative thoughts is difficult for everybody and she already did such a great job.
  • Organic food upgrade: We decided to introduce one day per week of mono-diet
  • Food supplements: We continued with the different oils and the Saint John’s wort.
  • Detox Program: We continued with 1 colonic irrigation every 10 days.


Follow-up: +6 months:

  • The woman lost +20 kilos and feels much better in her life. She is much healthier and enjoys her new vitality. She significantly gained in self-confidence and positive energy
  • She completely changed her alimentation and continues progressively to increase raw food intake. Once a week she has a mono-diet day which she enjoys a lot because it helps her to better understand and manage her addiction of “overeating”.
  • She plans to lose another 20 kilos over the next year. She is now more socially active and plans a new professional career