Ovarian Fibroma

Ovarian Fibroma

Female, aged 38, no children, not married, office employee. No smoker, no alcohol, regular coffee consumption (three cups a day), little exercise. The women consulted me for an alternative approach in the context of a treatment of non-malignant ovarian fibroma.

  • First consultation:
    • Background: The women had recurrent cystitis with a candida contamination. During a routine check-up, several small multiple fibroma have been detected in her ovary. The lab test confirmed a non-malignant fibroid type. Her gynecologist advised her to monitor the evolution closely without immediate actions to be taken. If no improvement within 6 month time, an operative removal could be envisaged. In addition to this clinical picture, she claims to suffer from general weakness, tiredness and high stress. She has sleeping disorders and a tendency to depression. She suffers from significant emotional misbalances.
    • Pulse diagnosis: low energy in Solar plexus and in urogenital regions; disrupted liver function
    • Nails and hair are brittle, impure skin
    • Nutrition & digestion
      • No over-weight, but digestive disorders with frequent constipation
      • Unbalanced (mainstream) nutrition based on white bread, meat, pasta, fast food, goodies, soft drinks, dairy products. Only little fresh vegetables and fruits

First priority to me is to help the women cleaning its colon, detoxifying the body and improving the nutritive intake and absorption. A long-term detoxification and improvement of expelling functions should have positive side-effects on the fibroma.

    • Food correction: profound food correction and change in life-style
    • Food supplements: We decided a long-term permanent detoxification cure. I recommanded Rhodiola and Nigella to strengthen the immune system and to help coping with stress. In addition, Saint John’s wort extract should help against the underlying depressive mood and sleeping disorders
    • Detox Program: We agreed on 3 sessions of Colon Hydrotherapy in order to clean the colon, to optimize food absorption and the food supplements’ benefits


  • Follow-up: +1 month:
    • She underwent important changes in her nutrition and every-day life style
    • Each colon hydrotherapy session made her feel great, with more energy and good mood. She wishes to come on a regular basis. She lost 2 kilos and has a slimmer silhouette (fecal waste elimination)


  • Follow-up: +1 year:
    • She comes regularly on a monthly basis for colonic irrigation
    • Underwent an important detoxification
    • Is much healthier and feels great compared to on first consultation
    • Check-up with the gynecologist found that 90% of fibroma have disappeared. (after 1.5 years, the fibroma completely disappeared).