Exhaustion & indisposition

Exhaustion & indisposition

Female, aged 35, 1 child, separated, company employee. No chronic disease or acute illness. Overall healthy lifestyle although moderate smoking. The woman contacted me as she suffered from tiredness and exhaustion for several weeks. She had a general impression of indisposition, including dizziness and nausea, but without showing any signs of inflammation or acute illness. A recent blood analysis prescribed by a generalist came out completely satisfactory.

  • First consultation:
    • All in all a very healthy person, however slightly aggrieved and locked up
    • Pulse diagnosis: revealed low energy in gall bladder and liver, slight distortion of thyroid gland, emotional misbalance
    • Nails & hair are weak and brittle, the skin is slightly impure
    • Nutrition & digestion: very good application of high-quality organic nutrition, however slight digestives disorders including irregular bowel movements and bloating

My impression is that the woman is pinned emotionally in an “unhealthy” situation that degenerates her own indisposition

    • Food correction: I advised her to progressively increase the intake of organic raw food, notably before lunch.
    • Food supplements: I recommended to take supplements to increase gall bladder production, to detoxify, to strengthen the immune system as well as omega 3/6 fatty acids– 3 months’ cure
    • Detox Program: We decided to go for 4 sessions of Colon Hydrotherapy within 10 days in order to clean the colon, regulate bowel movements and restore micro flora (no more bloating), thus optimizing the food supplements’ action. Moreover,  colonic irrigation rides-off negative emotions that are “stored” in the colon.


  • Follow-up: +3 months:
    • The woman adhered to all advises and comes regularly for colonic irrigation. The sessions always had a strong emotional impact, relieving her from some profound distress.
    • She does no longer feel unwell, but feels plenty of energy. Her digestion improved with less bloating. Her hair feels stronger and grows again. She has a much more positive attitude and more self-confidence what helped her resolving important personal issues that she long-time tried to push back fearing not being able to tackle the consequences.
    • Food supplements: We continue with food supplements for gall bladder, liver and omega 3/6 products and add a Saint John’s wort extract to better cope with high emotional stress level
    • Moreover, I recommended her to do some additional liver cleansing under close monitoring of her acid-base balance


  • Follow-up: +6 months:
    • She undertook gall bladder and liver cleansing program and continues to come for a colonic irrigation
    • Strong improvement of colon health and food absorption. Hair, nails and skin much better than before.
    • Very satisfied with new situation and new orientation given to her life, quitted smoking and goes for exercise regularly; prepares for a 1 week fast to support detoxification
    • We agreed on to have a follow-up meeting in 6 months time.