Asthma & Rhinitis allergy

Asthma & Rhinitis allergy

Male, aged 40, 2 children, married, office employer. Overweight, little regular exercise. Smoker (1 packet per day). Important digestives disorders. He suffered from asthma and rhinitis allergy since over 10 years. While traditional medicine helped him out somewhat he is regular forced to take sick leaves within spring. He wishes to engage into Holisitic Alternative Medicine approach. 

  • First consultation:
    • Background / history: At the age 25 he started suffering from flue & rhinitis that progressively developed into hay fever. Treatment with nasal spray and anti-histamine. At the age of 30, spring peaks caused strong nasal congestion despite medication with strong breathing difficulties. Chest X-ray showed the lungs filled with mucus and lab test revealed high allergy markers; in what followed, the patient developed spring time asthma with reached up to End of June. He could feel very ill with sleeping disorders, tiredness, stress, bad temper, impacting strongly his professional career and personal life.
    • Pulse diagnosis: irregular pulse
    • Normal nails, fine hair with first signs of becoming bald, impure fatty skin
    • Nutrition & digestion:
      • Mainstream low quality nutrition, 4 cups of coffee a day, high consumption of meat and dairy products, processed food, goodies & soft drinks. Little raw food but some fruits. Important consumption of “white” wheat such as baguette, pasta and pizza. Regular, but moderate drinking of alcohol
      • Important digestives disorders: irregular bowel movements, very often constipated, acid regurgitation and bloating

My impression: Very strong misbalance of the colon’s micro flora; important accumulation of fecal waste matters due to insufficient elimination causing a poisoning of the body. Very weak immune system.

    • Food correction: We completely reviewed diet and overall lifestyle. We worked on a progressive adaption towards the new targets: Switching from coffee to green tea, reducing meat, dairy, wheat and goodies. Progressively increasing the consumption of vegetables. Some more raw food.
    • Food supplements: We decided a 3 month detoxification cure with herbs stimulating gall bladder and liver. In addition, I prescribed food supplements to improve overall well-being and notably the colon’s health.
    • Detox Program: I explained him that a Colon Hydrotherapy would be the cornerstone of a quick improvement of his well-being in getting rid of all accumulated waste and toxic materials, restoring the colonic micro flora and thus improving his digestion, food absorption and immune system. We decided to go for two colonics a month during 2-3 months.


  • Follow-up: +3 months:
    • After one month of treatment the patient started feeling better. He became convinced of being on the right track and pushed further with his food correction.
    • Within 3 months, he felt even better and was completely enthusiastic about his own well-being. He changed his diet to organic food with less fast food, meat, sweats. He started walking every day at least 30min hopping out metro 2 stations earlier and swimming on a regular basis. Naturally, he lost up to 10 kilos. Much better complexion and better sleep. Feels recovered and relaxed, enjoying a second honey moon with his wife.
    • Food correction: We introduce one “fast” day every two weeks with only vegetables and fruit and increase the intake of raw food
    • Food supplements: 3 months cure to further reinforce the immune system.
    • Detox Program: We continue with 1 colonic irrigation per month


  • Follow-up: +6 months:
    • Spring period almost without asthma. A real break-through for the patient, his best spring in many years.
    • We continue all treatments with colonic irrigation every 2 months


  • Follow-up: +1 year:
    • No more asthma symptoms during sprint.
    • The man enjoys a very good health and goes regularly for exercise. Reduced smoking significantly.
    • We follow 2 annual check-ups including colonic irrigation before spring and at fall. A 2 months detox cure per year with specific food supplements