Female, aged 75, 7 children, widow, retired. No chronic disease or acute illness. Overall healthy lifestyle with lots of hobbies, sports and activities. She consulted me to gain better knowledge on anti-aging and prevention. After some discussion, we also found that she felt more tired since some weeks with sleeping disorder (slight incontinence during night-time) and loss of weight due to diminished appetite.

  • First consultation:
    • The woman is a very healthy person, however somewhat restless and nervous
    • Pulse diagnosis: revealed low blood pressure and low adrenal glands energy
    • Nails are solid, however hair is brittle and skin tends to impurities
    • Nutrition & digestion: high-quality organic nutrition, however recent loss of appetite and loss in weight

My impression is that that most of the troubles are linked to a slowdown in digestion and elimination which comes often along with age. This slowdown caused a distortion of the colon’s micro flora.

    • Food correction: We reviewed her diet and I advised her to exclude some vegetables and fruits, to avoid different proteins and wheat.
    • Food supplements: We decided a 3 month detoxification cure with herbs stimulating gall bladder and liver
    • Detox Program: I recommended her 3 sessions of Colon Hydrotherapy to eliminate fecal waste material restoring the intestinal micro flora and promoting the immune system.


  • Follow-up: +3 months:
    • The woman followed all advices.
    • The Colon Hydrotherapy sessions did her great.
    • She is positive-oriented with more energy, vitality and lucidity. She feels much better in her body and gained some weight. Her quality of sleep improved significantly and she has no more incontinence problems. Her complexion is much better.
    • Food supplements: Following the detox program we agreed on kicking of an anti-age cure to slow down the ageing process
    • Detox Program: She was very eager to prevent from any type of gut disorders. Thus we decided to have a Colonic irrigation every month. In addition, I proposed her to try Ozone-Steam Sauna sessions.