Nutritional / Ortho- molecular Medicine

Ortho-Molecular Medicine

Ortho-molecular medicine, also called “nutritherapy” or “nutritional medicine” is all about providing our body with an appropriate nutrition. 

The ortho-molecular medicine uses essential elements (e.g. vitamins, minerals, enzymes amino acids and fatty acids) in “optimum quantity and quality” in order to optimize the functioning of our various metabolisms. Indeed, the human body needs a mere uncountable quantity and diversity of nourishing micro-elements. Most people believe we get all we need by eating a “balanced diet”. Unfortunately, nowadays this is rather seldom the case: often, our diet is unbalanced, contains little vital elements, but many foreign substances. In addition, we are exposed to high stress; and our brain working around the clock, needs an extra-portion of high quality nutrients! This represents a hard job for our digestive systems.ORTHO-MOLECULAR MEDICINE

A nutritional therapist analyses a person’s overall nutritive conditions: He assesses vitamins and minerals ratios, digestion, toxic load etc. The patient’s medical history, his / her various pathologies, his / her genetic preconditions as well as his / her current way of life are systematically taken into account. The diagnosis is established through a precise medical questionnaire and a rigorous semiology (skin, nails, tongue, static and mobility aspect, height / weight ratio, bowel movements, sleep, allergy problems etc). Specific tests can be used to support the diagnosis such as protein profile, free radical profile, mineral profile, measure of trace elements.

The advices and prescriptions of an ortho-molecular practitioner aim at achieving the “equilibrium” or best “regulation” of all diverse biological, biochemical and physiological functions. Ortho-molecular medicine uses only molecules which are naturally present in the human organism. The quantities however are much higher than those of our “normal” daily intake. Various micronutrients are used in a way that they can balance and interact with each other to achieve maximum effectiveness. The underlying criteria are very precise and result from advanced research on biochemistry and human biology. It is often prescribed in form of 3-6 months cures and allows in most cases to significantly reduce the taking of chemical drugs.