Darkfield Microscopy

Darkfield Microscopy (Live Blood Analysis)

Darkfield Microscopy involves the analysis of live blood with the help of a microscope: A drop of live blood is viewed under a special microscope and projected on a monitor. The practitioner explains to the patients what he can see.

Indeed, your will be surprised as to know how many living things one can see in the blood’s composition and how much of our state of health can actually be revealed. Unhealthy blood can resemble a swamp. Distortions of red blood cells and their inability to stay intact on the slide, for example, can reveal nutritional deficiencies. Oxidative damages caused by free radicals, or undesirable bacteria or fungi in the blood stream can be clearly stated. The vitality of the white blood cells can also be determined. One can reveal toxicity, poor blood circulation and other abnormal constitutions regarding liver, immune system, hormonal functions etc.


Darkfield microscopy is a very efficient early detection tool. It is a very appealing tool since the patient can directly see together with the practitioner any misbalance and follow its evolution through a therapy, thus monitoring its effectiveness. Darkfield microscopy, as a general assessment tool, cannot by itself provide precise diagnoses. However, an experienced practitioner can make an educated guess as to the cause of a particular condition which can be confirmed or disproved by specialized laboratory testing.