Holistic Alternative Medicine: Alternative Approaches

“Holistic Alternative Medicine” is a diverse field of alternative medicine that considers the “whole” person – meaning body, emotion, mind & spirit – in the quest for optimal well-being.

My Vision

The main objective of holistic alternative medicine is maintaining good health.

As a holistic approach it investigates the whole person in revealing and correcting the profound root causes for ill-being or disease.

As such it goes beyond the symptoms and focuses on imbalances of our body’s metabolisms. With this approach the overall well-being is improved and there is little likelihood of symptoms returning.

Holistic Alternative medicine relies on activating the body’s inherent healing capacities, supporting them with natural substances or treatments rather than synthetic ones. As such, side-effects remain minimal. Often, synthetic drug use can be completely stopped with, notably in the context of chronic diseases.

Contrarily to a rather common belief that those treatments are most appropriate in curing minor complaints, they can reveal of great effectiveness in helping to cure chronic diseases as well as acute, severe ill-being. They can be used in combination with traditional medicine methods.

In the following section I will shortly describe some alternative holistic treatment methods for that I gathered thorough experience.